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All About Finishing

All About Finishing


It is best to work with your local needlepoint store for finishing your projects. If you don’t have a local store, there are many stores that allow you to ship your finished piece to them. Our wonderful needlepoint stores work with a community of skilled finishers, some which work directly for the shop and others that they send items out to, that can create a wide variety of pieces - from stand up figurines to ornaments to door hangers to stand up framed pieces to pillows. They can also help talk through options for what is possible. They are skilled sewers in these very skilled techniques!

There are some wonderful finishers popping up on instagram as well, which is another great resource if you don’t have a needlepoint shop near by. Here are a few: @christyragandesigns for finishing ornaments, @jbneedlepointfinisher does beautiful pillows, @finishing_touch_by_magdalena, @lastitcheria - who also has amazing resources to learn finishing yourself!


I always give as much detail as possible to my shop when dropping off a piece to be finished. My biggest recommendation is to find an image that has what you are looking for and include that with your piece. Even if you don’t know all the names for certain looks or details, an image can say it all and be so helpful when trying to communicate what you want. I often include a little sketch and notes as well. Be as detailed as you can to ensure you get what you want!

If you are shipping your piece, make sure to wrap your piece in a water tight bag to protect your work, and make sure you have all of your contact information included so the shop can get in touch with you!

If you have a specific fabric you want your piece finished with, it is best to source that yourself, but work with your local store/ finisher so you know how much you will need. Sometimes shops have a wonderful selection of fabric you can choose from or they can choose for you.


Sometime it is important to stitch additional rows around your pieces, so the finisher has room to wrap edges, but you can discuss with them if this is needed! Our pieces already have this accounted for in our border outlines. If you want to add additional rows to make a piece larger, that is also an option!

Another important part of the process in finishing your piece is called BLOCKING. It is inevitable (and totally normal!) that when you are stitching a piece, it tends to warp. When working with a local store and finisher, they will block your piece to get all the edges straight again before sewing it into its final form.


Yes! I would highly recommend taking Abigail Cecile’s Needlepoint Finishing Class, which is all online, and she provides supplies you need as a part of the class! Here is a link where you can sign up: click here!


Finishing is expensive but worth it, because your needlepoint piece will be a treasure for years to come. Each store approaches finishing costs differently and I wish there were more resources our there for cost transparency. I will share the prices I have paid for pieces and hope this gives you some range of what to expect. Make sure to ask your store/ finisher up front how much your piece will be.

ORNAMENT: Around $50-$55, for an ornament with DMC Floss twisted cord around it.

PILLOW: These have a much wider price range due to the different details you can do on a pillow. I have paid $100 for a knife edge pillow (more basic) up to $150-$165 for a box edge pillow.

DOOR HANGER: $80 to $115


Here is a fun illustration I did to show some of my favorite ways to finish needlepoint pieces!



Below are some of our favorite finishes from our collection. Feel free to print these images to share with your finisher if you are interested in doing a similar finish! Visit our blog posts for more details on finishing some of these pieces.

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