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Free Mini Alphabet and Numbers Chart for 13 Mesh

Free Mini Alphabet and Numbers Chart for 13 Mesh

It adds a fun personal touch to add a monogram or date to your canvas to mark when and who stitched it! I had fun personalizing our Christmas mini rounds with some personal touches, so I created this mini alphabet chart, including numbers, so you could add a personal touch to yours as well!

We also sell additional charted alphabet patterns here.

The letters and numbers in this chart are 3/8” tall, and fit perfectly on our Christmas mini round canvases. I include extra yarn in each kit, but if you need an extra strand of a certain color to add a monogram, just let me know at!


Each square on the grid above, stands for one stitch (one cross section) of your canvas. You can count the intersections on your canvas, using this chart as a guide, to stitch each letter or number. For example, for the number 8, it is 5 stitches high and 3 stitches across. You can use a thin sharpie or hard pencil (to avoid any ink bleed or transfer to your thread), to mark out on your canvas where you want the letters, or you can use a piece of graph paper to draft it out!

These charts translate to any size, but the size of the letters will change. For 18 mesh, the letters will get smaller, and for 12 mesh, the letters will be slightly bigger.

Needlepoint Alphabet Charts - Digital Download

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