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Needlepoint Finishing Ideas: Le Point Studio Christmas Village

Needlepoint Finishing Ideas: Le Point Studio Christmas Village

Our Le Point Studio Christmas Village has been one of the most loved collections we have, and I am so inspired seeing how you all bring them to life through your beautiful stitching choices and finishing. As I was doing my own thinking around how I wanted to finish these pieces, I started to ideate around some sort of acrylic stand that would be an easy, affordable option for displaying and finishing your Christmas village. After working on a few prototypes, and getting feedback and advice from you all, we are excited to offer our own custom acrylic L shaped stand, that offers an easy and seamless finishing option that will work on all the Christmas Village canvases - and the future designs to come!


The basic premise of this finish is that you have your piece finished like a flat ornament, but add a pocket on the back piece that the L Shape stand slips right into. You will find measurements below for the pocket size I used for my pieces. I recommend printing off any and all of these images and include them with your notes to the finisher. I also recommend sending the stands with your finished piece so the finisher has them to reference as they are sewing the back pocket.

The cost should be similar to what you would pay for having an ornament finished, with potentially a little additional cost for the pocket sewing on the back. As an estimate I would say between $65 - $80.


  • Piece finished like a flat ornament, padded with board, with back pocket

  • Finish outer edge with DMC Floss twisted braid (specify color or colors and desired thickness)

  • Include Finishing Fabrics (shop the fabrics I used here) or specify what fabrics you would like them to use

  • Include stands and images from this post


This is just ONE of many ways you could finish your Christmas village. I would always recommend going to your local needlepoint shop if you have one, bringing in your canvases, looking at examples they might have in their shop, and talking with them about what they would recommend. This is a beautiful example stitched by Kaylen James and finished by Diversions Needlepoint in Denver, CO, where these were made into full stand ups. Stores also have their own ways to finish using acrylic so make sure to do research on the look you want!



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