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Thread Resources for 12 and 13 mesh

Thread Resources for 12 and 13 mesh

Based on your mesh size, it is important to pick a thread that is not too thick and not too thin for the size of holes in your mesh. We love 12 and 13 mesh here at Le Point, so wanted to pull together some thread resources for what to use on those mesh sizes.

There are many canvas mesh sizes. You most often see 13 mesh and 18 mesh in the US market, but there are so many mesh sizes. The mesh size correlates to the number of stitches in a square inch - so 13 mesh, has 13 stitches in one inch. Because of that, the larger the mesh size, the smaller the stitches. Other mesh sizes are 10, 12, 14 up to higher numbers like 28.

You will discover what you like best by stitching a variety of designs. If you are a new stitcher, I would recommend starting with a 10, 12 or 13 mesh. 18 mesh stitches are very small, and can be harder to see and manage when you are just starting out.

This image shows from top to bottom: 13 mesh, 12 mesh, 18 mesh, and 28 count.


We have listed online resources to purchase all of these yarns, but please call your local needlepoint store if you have access to one, to see if they carry any of these lines!

Pictured: Appleton Tapestry Yarn Pictured: Appleton Tapestry Yarn on 12 mesh



This single stranded (which means you don’t separate the yarn) 100% wool yarn is perfect for 12 and 13 mesh, depending on the brand. Wool is the first fiber used for needlepoint, and is loved for its durability and color fastness. Tapestry wool feels slightly thick and fluffy, and has the beautiful, natural, wool hand feel.


10 or 12 MESH: APPLETON TAPESTRY WOOL | Made in the UK, and what we use in our kits - Purchase online at Purl Soho, KC Needlepoint. Can be used on 13 mesh but it is tighter to pull through.

10 or 12 MESH: ANCHOR TAPISSERIE WOOL | Anchor is slightly thicker than Appleton, and has a little more of a sheen - Purchase online at Anchor (will be offering shipping on single skeins soon), Willow Fabrics, KC Needlepoint.

13 MESH: PLANET EARTH MERINO WOOL | I love this fiber! Use on 13 mesh but it also works on 18 mesh. Purchase online at Fabulous Fibers, KC Needlepoint, Nashville Needleworks or call Lycette Designs as they sell it in their shop. 



13 MESH: SILK & IVORY | This 50% Wool, 50% Silk blend is their single strand option, which works best on 13 mesh, but also works on 12 mesh with lighter coverage. Purchase almost everywhere! Some online options are: KC Needlepoint, The Needlepointer,

13 MESH: DMC COTTON EMBROIDERY FLOSS SIZE 3 | This is a 100% Cotton Yarn and is super affordable. Make sure to purchase SIZE 3. This floss comes in a variety of widths, but Size 3 will offer the best coverage for 13 mesh.

13 MESH: PLANET EARTH SILK | This is a 100% Silk Yarn that works on 13 mesh. Purchase online at KC Needlepoint.

13 MESH: PLANET EARTH SILK | This is a 100% Silk Yarn that works on 13 mesh. Purchase online at KC Needlepoint.


3 ply yarn means that each strand of yarn can actually be separated into 3 separate yarns, which gives you flexibility to stitch on a variety of mesh sizes by using how ever many strands you need! For the threads below, use the plys as follows:
Two-ply for #12 or #13 canvas
Three-ply for #10 canvas

Pictured: Patarnayan or Colonial Persian 3 ply Yarn, 100% Wool.

Pictured: Silk & Ivory Trio 3 ply yarn, 50% Wool/ 50% Silk.


12, 13 or 18 MESH: COLONIAL NEEDLE PERSIAN YARN (formerly Patarnayan Yarn) | This 100 % wool option is very well loved in the needlepoint world. 1 ply for 18 mesh, 2 ply for 12 or 13 mesh - Purchase at Rittenhouse Needlepoint and Florilegium, which is available to shop online. This fiber is harder to find these days unfortunately!
10, 12 or 13 MESH: SILK & IVORY TRIO YARN | This 50% Wool, 50% Silk option is the Silk & Ivory you love, but better suited for larger mesh sizes! - Purchase at Needlestack, Annie & Co., ABC Stitch.




Yarns for 10 & 12 mesh
Anchor Tapestry Wool
Appleton Tapestry Wool
Silk & Ivory Trio Yarn - 2 ply
Colonial Needle Persian Wool - 2-3 ply
Yarns for 13 mesh
Silk & Ivory
Planet Earth Wool
Planet Earth Silk
DMC Floss Size 3
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