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Needlepoint Finishing Ideas: Wedding Canvases

Needlepoint Finishing Ideas: Wedding Canvases

Excited to share the details of how to finish your wedding canvases into chair signs for your head table! We recommend printing out these images and specifications to include with your piece for your finisher, and discussing it with them to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for!

I chose a 100% silk fabric to finish my pieces with, and loved how it brought a subtle sheen to the piece in contrast with the wool I stitched them with. My mom used a cream linen for her pieces and it also turned out beautifully.


Below are the specifications or how I had my piece finished by Picket Fence Needlepoint in Edina, MN. I also think that these would be fabulous as little pillows for the head table chairs!

As another option besides having your finisher create fabric ties, is to just use a ribbon, like shown here on my mom’s chair sign! You could pick a contrasting color, or use a beautiful cream or white.

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