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Needlepoint Alphabet Charts - Digital Download


We are happy to offer 3 of our Le Point Studio designed alphabets for all of your personalization needs! After purchase, you will receive a 4 page PDF document of 3 full alphabet charts - our Cursive Alphabet, Block Letter Alphabet, and Mini Alphabet, as well as a page of blank chart for you to plan out your word or monogram!

These charts can be translated to any size mesh - they will execute smaller on 18 mesh and larger on 13 mesh!

To chart out a name or monogram onto a canvas:

  1. Count out and chart your word, name or monogram onto the blank practice paper using a pencil.

  2. Count how many rows across and tall your finished word is to align where it needs to be placed on your canvas.

  3. Use a Water Soluble pen OR acrylic paint to chart out your letters onto your canvas. Do not use pencil or any pen that can bleed onto your yarn.

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