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Thread and Finishing Recommendations: Cabana Coasters

Thread and Finishing Recommendations: Cabana Coasters

Because coasters are meant for heavy use and will get water on them, we recommend stitching our Cabana Coasters with a 100% wool yarn. Did you know wool absorbs 30% of its weight in water without feeling wet? It is also color fast and incredibly long lasting.

Because these canvases are the larger 12 mesh, it is important to pick a yarn that is thick enough to provide good coverage, like a wool tapestry yarn.

If you are using Silk & Ivory, which is a 50% Silk 50% Wool blend, we recommend stitching in Basketweave stitch to provide optimal coverage.


Appletons Tapestry Wool Available at Purl Soho. Silk & Ivory threads available at your local needlepoint store or KC Needlepoint online.

Finishing Ideas


LEATHER FINISHED: We recommend Hill Top Leather Shop, which does coaster finishing on leather. You can have them add a clear plastic cover on top to further protect your stitching if you like! To finish a set of 4 is $80. Check them out here! Shown to the right - stitching by @ficklemyfancy.


ACRYLIC FINISHING: I love this example of finishing coasters within acrylic from @stitchinginthecity! Most needlepoint stores do finish pieces in acrylic, but @stitchinginthecity worked with Brilliant Acrylic Designs to create this holder and these acrylic disks to hold her needlepoint coaster collection!

TWISTED CORD EDGE & CORK BACK: I personally like my needlepoint coasters finished with cork on the back, and a simple corded edge, with the stitched surface showing. You can work with a needlepoint shop to get them finished in this way! I love stitching with wool, and love using coasters without them being covered with plastic or acrylic!

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