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Rosebud Monogram Wreath: How to Stitch & Thread Recommendations

Rosebud Monogram Wreath: How to Stitch & Thread Recommendations

Our Rosebud Monogram Wreath holds a special place in my heart - it is the design that inspired me to start Le Point Studio! As you might know, my mom was a needlepoint & counted cross stitch designer for many years when I was little. This is one of her original designs, that she made to have in my nursery! We have updated it for the modern stitcher and brought back this oh so classic sweet design.

Here is the original finishing my mom showed with the design - and it is still what I would recommend for how to finish our design! A pillow is a perfect application, with either a big ruffle edge, or a fabric binding edge for something more simple.

Always remember, you can color swap anything on the canvas to suite what you like! The blue application would be perfect for a boys nursery.

This canvas is on 13 mesh. I would recommend stitching this canvas with Planet Earth Wool or Silk & Ivory thread.


As always, there is no “right” way to stitch a canvas. I will share my recommendations below of how I would approach my stitching!

  1. Starting with completing your cream background, stitching in BASKETWEAVE, and leaving the inner circle with the letter.

  2. Next, I would move onto stitching your rosebud wreath, and monogram letter in CONTINENTAL or HALF CROSS STITCH.

  3. Finish the inside of your rosebud wreath in cream in BASKETWEAVE.

  4. Stitch your light blue dots. There is no need to start and stop the thread for each dot, you can just stitch from dot to dot, leave the thread tail in between each stitch!

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