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Some Bunnies Sleeping: Thread Recommendations

Some Bunnies Sleeping: Thread Recommendations

Our Nursery designs are here! These classic designs are perfect for any nursery, and easy to swap colors based on your preferences.

I have thread recommendations for Silk & Ivory threads, Appleton Wool tapestry yarn, as well as Planet Earth Merino Wool thread.

I am currently stitching mine with Planet Earth Merino Wool, and really enjoying it! The coverage on the canvas is lighter than the Appleton Wool, and a little more silk-y feeling. It is a little harder to find to order online, but I have listed some places I found it to purchase online below.

You can purchase Planet Earth Merino Wool at Annie & Co in New York, Needle Art Closet in Portland, Nashville Needleworks, or The Needle Bug in Montgomery. One local store here in Minneapolis carries it as well, and you could call them to order: Stitchville USA.

Purchase Silk & Ivory thread at KC Needlepoint or Stitching Fox. Purchase Appletons Tapestry wool at KC Needlepoint or Purl Soho.

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